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Digital Monsters Almanac / Digi-Dex

BlackImperialdramon : The Black Imperial Dragon Monster


General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Mega 1 Virus 1 Ancient Dragon 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Booster 7 Bo-356 - NA -
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture



US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

Positron Laser 17
Mega Crusher 4 / Mega Fire 16

Misc. Attacks

Sharp Claws 12 / Claw Attack 13 / Razor Claws 5
Mega Flame 9 / Nova Blast 7 / Fiery Breath 5 / Mega Shot 8 / Nova Flame 10 / Flame Breath 18
Bloody Claws 5
Blazing Power 4
Double Dramon Claw 4
Energy Cannon 4
Burst Breath 4

Common Attacks

Positron Laser 1
Mega Death 1

Misc. Attacks

Surudoi Tsume (Sharp Claws) 6
Mega Flame 6

Blood Claw 6
Burning Power 3
Double Dragon Claw 3
Energy Cannon 3
Burst Flame 3



Weapons / Shields Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


Not available yet


Not available yet

Story M/S

Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst


An Imperialdramon that was unable to control its incredible power and went berserk. (This profile is from North American release of Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst) (Garmmon)


究極の こだいリュウがたデジモンである
じぶんじしんの きょうだいすぎるパワーを
ウィルスしゅの インペリアルドラモンDM


Digimon V-Tamer Residence


This Imperialdramon evolved into the Virus attribute and ran wild when it was unable to control itself. It commits all kinds of destruction. A variation of Fighter Mode, that is controlled by the powers of darkness, also exists. (Wildermon)


Not available yet

Positron Laser

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black)
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode


Evolves From


Gigadramon 2
DinoBeemon 1
Digitamamon 6
MetalGreymon 1
Volcamon 2
WaruSeadramon 2

Jogress Evolution
Paildramon + DinoBeemon 1
Vermilimon + Triceramon 4

Evolves To

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black) 15

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- NA -

Name Origin

US Name

BlackImperialdramon 11 / Imperialdramon (Black) 4 / Imperialdramon 14


English. Black. Imperial. Dra is short for dragon.
Japanese Name BlackImperialdramon / Imperialdramon
Etymology English. Black. Imperial. Dra is short for dragon.


Citations Notes

1 Bo-356
2 St-541
3 Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst
4 Digimon World Dusk / Dawn
5 Digimon World DS
6 Digimon Story
7 St-2 (Dub) (Shared attacked used by Greymon)
8 Digimon World Data Squad (Shared attack used by GeoGreymon)
9 Digimon World 1 (Shared attack used by Greymon)
10 Movie 1 (Dub) (Shared attacked used by Greymon)

11 Digimon World 3
12 St-1 (Dub) (Shared attack used by Agumon)
13 Digimon World Data Squad (Shared attack used by Agumon)
14 DT-55 (Dub)
15 St-579
16 Digimon Digital Card Battle (Shared attack used by Imperialdramon)
17 Bo-173 (Dub) (Shared attack used by Imperialdramon)
18 Digimon World Data Squad (Shared attack used by Greymon)

Note-1 The viral Imperialdramon first appeared in Booster 7 of the Digital Monsters Card Game Hyper Colosseum where it was named 'Imperialdramon'. It would appear once more in Ultimate Battle Deck 3 and still under the name 'Imperialdramon'. Most recently, the Jintrix card game has called this Digimon BlackImperialdramon.


- Toei picture was created by Lhikan634
- Bandai picture 1 was created by Shadowman, 2 was created by Bandai
- LCD picture was created by the DVR site



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