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Digi-Dex / Groundramon

Groundramon : The Ground Dragon Monster

General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Ultimate 1 Virus 1 Ground Dragon 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Evolve. 7 Da-540 - NA -
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture

- NA -


Family (Families)

US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

Scrap Claw 10
Megaton Hammer Crush 10
Giga Crack 10

Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

Scrapless Claw 1
Megaton Hammer Crush 1
Giga Crack 2

Misc. Attacks




Variations Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


A Ground Dragon type Digimon with big arms protruding from its back. The arms are said to have evolved from wings, allowing it to dig through the ground efficiently. Usually, it lives in tunnels carved deeply underground, and very rarely comes up to the earth's surface. Groundramon tends to inhabit the mines LoaderLeomon work in, and there is a very high possibility that the scales that cover its body are made from the very same material that LoaderLeomon search for in their work. Not much is known about this Digimon's ecology, since it is very ferocious in nature, and many who enter its lair never return. Its special attacks are "Megaton Hammer Crush", which slams the hammer-like spiky iron ball on its tail into the opponent, and "Scrapless Claw", which slashes the opponent with the big arms on its back. Its other attack, "Giga Crack", can only be preformed when it appears on the earth's surface: it creates an earthquake once it comes up to the surface, causing its opponent to fall into the separating ground below. (Wildermon)




Digimon Championship


A deadly Dragon Digimon that has a large arm on its back which is said to have evolved from wings. Very fierce, most all who face it have fallen. (This profile is from North American release of Digimon Championship) (Garmmon)


Not available yet


Digimon V-Tamer Residence


An Earth Dragon Digimon that has a very ferocious personality, because those it encounters lose their life afterwards, its habitat has been a complete mystery. It has a very high amount of dragon factor data among the Dramon type. It's thought that the wings on its back transformed into huge arms during its evolution process. This is because it has adapted to its environment by efficiently digging the ground, and since it usually lives deep underground, seeing it above ground is rare. In addition, it is thought that Groundramon inhabits veins of "Huanglong Ore", said to be a particularly rare mineral, and it's said that the many scales that cover its body is made from deposits of Huanglong Ore. (Wildermon)



- NA -

- NA -


Evolves From

Coredramon 1


BlackGrowlmon 1
DORUGamon 2
GeoGreymon 3
Growlmon 1

Evolves To

Brakedramon 4

Jogress Evolution
Examon (w/ Wingdramon) 6


Chaosdramon 7
GrandisKuwagamon 5
ShineGreymon 9
WarGreymon (X) 8

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- NA -

Name Origin

US Name / Groundramon 10

Origin / English. Ground. Dra is short for dragon.

Japanese Name / Groundramon
Origin / English. Ground. Dra is short for dragon.



1 Da-540
2 DM02-61
3 SP02-5
4 Da-594
5 Da-547
6 Da-592
7 Da-548
8 DM02-93
9 DM02-95
10 Digimon World Championship



- Bandai picture 1 was created by Bandai, 2 was crated by Shadowman
- LCD picture was created by Lhikan634


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