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Digi-Dex / IceLeomon

IceLeomon : The Ice Lion Monster

General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Ultimate 1
Champion 8
Vaccine 1 Beast Man 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Digimon World 1 St-95 S4 : Episode 27
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture

Family (Families)

US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

The Fist of Ice 11 / Frozen Fury 10 / Ice Beast Fist 16
Icy Breath 13 / Blizzard Breath 10
/ Frozen Shockwave 14 / Cold Attack 16
Full Recovery 9
Fist of the Beast King 8 / Beast King Fist 9
Shadow Spin Kick 14


Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

Hyoujūken (Ice Beast Fist) 1
Reikikou (Cold Qigong)
Full Heal 9
Jūouken (Beast King Fist) 8
Zan Ei Hanten Geki (Shadow Rolling Attack) 15

Reikikou Hazan (Cold Qigong Rip-Slash) 17

Misc. Attacks




Variations Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


A Beat Man type Digimon who takes pride in its high amount of justice. A Leomon that repeatedly trained every day in the tundra area of the Digital World on the coldest of grounds, whilst defending its justice, soon acquired chilly powers and evolved into IceLeomon. With a body strengthened by the cold and an adamant will, it can withstand most attacks. Its special attack is "Ice Beast Fist", which is fired from its cold fists. (Wildermon)




Digimon V-Tamer Residence


A Digimon of justice who lives in cold areas. A Leomon that trained hard in the coldest of places evolved into IceLeomon. It has a tough body and a strong amount of mental power, and also plays an active role as a member of the group of justice, "Virus Busters". (Wildermon)



- NA -

IceLeomon (X)


Evolves From

Leomon 1


Gaogamon 4
Garurumon 1
J-Mojyamon 3
Meramon 2
Togemogumon 3

Item Evolution
Any Champion Level Digimon in Digimon World 1 + Noble Mane 8

Evolves To

Regulumon 17


BanchoLeomon 7
Magnadramon 6
SaberLeomon 6

IceLeomon (X) 12

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- NA -

Name Origin

US Name / IceLeomon 10 / Panjyamon 5 / Panjamon 16

Origin / English and Latin. Ice. Leo means lion. Leo could refer to the constellation of Leo, which is based off the Greek myth of the Nemean Lion.

Japanese Name / Panjamon
Origin / Hindi. Panja means lion.



1 St-95
2 St-452
3 Bo-769
4 Da-45
5 Tb-10 (Dub) Note-1
Digimon World 2
7 DM02-38
8 Digimon World 1
9 Digimon World 2
10 Season 4 : Episode 27 (Dub)
11 DM-169 (Dub)
12 Digimon who have the X Antibody within them evolve to their X versions (DPen X back-story)
13 D-Terminal
14 Digimon Digital Card Battle
15 Digimon World Digital Card Arena
16 Digimon Battle
17 V-Tamer

Note-1 This Digimon was also called 'Panjyamon' in the Evolution Requirements of Tb-10 SaberLeomon, a Taco Bell promo card for the Digi-Battle card game. No card was actually printed for this Digimon in Digi-Battle, however.


- Toei picture was created by Lhikan634
- Bandai picture was created by Bandai
- LCD picture was created by the DVR site
* Name meaning provided by Grace Anderson, aka Megchan.


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