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Leafmon : The Leaf Monster


Toei Picture General Information

Level Attribute Type
Fresh Data Slime

First Appearance

In Anything Cards Anime
D3 Ver. 1 - None - S2 : Episode 23


Family (Families)


More Information Bandai Picture
US Attacks
Bubble Blow
Japanese Attacks
Acid Bubbles
Evolution According to the Anime

Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

- None -


Profile / Additional Information

A Slime type Digimon that bears a breath of fresh grass that acts as his tail. He contains a variety of plant elements, including chlorophyll that allows him to photosynthesize and grow. He uses his blade-shaped tail as a parasol in warm sunlight or as an umbrella when the rain comes. He often sees opponents as scary beings, but is often purely innocent in nature. However, he is a bit shy. He is newborn and unable to fight, but his innocent heart overwhelms his weak vitality enough for him to wrap people up around him with a calm air. However, should anyone give him too much claustrophobia, he'll spit out an acidic bubble and threaten them.


"My Evolution" and Evolution in the Cards / Games


Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

- None -



Koromon, Tsunomon, DemiVeemon, Tokomon, Nyaromon, Gigimon, Viximon, Gummymon, Pagumon, Bukamon

Warp Evolution
Gabumon, Veemon, Wormmon, Patamon, Salamon, Elecmon, Guilmon, Renamon, DemiDevimon, Syakomon, Greymon, Garurumon, Stingmon, Angemon, Gatomon, RedVeedramon, Growlmon, Kyubimon, Gargomon, Devimon, Dolphmon


USA Name / Leafmon

Japanese Name / Leafmon

Origin / English. Leaf.

Origin / English. Leaf.


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