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Digi-Dex / Mephistomon

Mephistomon : The Mephistopheles Monster

General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Ultimate Virus Fallen Angel
Début Card Début Anime Début
Movie 5 St-417 Movie 5
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture


Family (Families)

US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

Dark Cloud
Black Sabotage

Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

Death Cloud
Black Sabbath

Misc. Attacks



Profile / Additional Information

Variations Subspecies

A Fallen Angel type Digimon which took on the form of a huge ram. He was born from the remaining mental data of Apocalymon just as soon as others thought he was dead, taking on a dark existence. His own goal, like Apocalymon, is the extermination of all other life forms. His strength lies in his black magic, and his nature bears no cruel peaks. But he's full of intellect and likes to use tactics in battle. He likes to attack the enemy with "Black Sabbath", which chants a dark incantation and prays upon the living dead to feast on the living. Those who hear this incantation will shortly die. His special attack is "Death Cloud", which creates a dark cloud that corrodes those it covers.

- NA -

- NA -


Evolves From

Evolves To



Gargoylemon, Kyubimon, Boogeymon, BomberNanimon, Dinohyumon, Baromon, Wendigomon, Duskmon, BlackGrowlmon, Meramon, Ogremon, Vilemon, Porcupamon



MetalSeadramon, Sakuyamon, GranKuwagamon, Barbamon, Daemon, Belphemon Rage Mode

Evolves From (Anime)

Evolves To (Anime)

Apocalymon Gulfmon

Name Origins

US Name / Mephistomon

Japanese Name / Mephismon

Origin / Greek. Mephis is short for Mephistopheles, which means "One that is not a lover of light." Origin / Greek. Mephis is short for Mephistopheles, which means "One that is not a lover of light."


- Toei picture was created by Toei
- Bandai picture was created by Bandai
- LCD picture was created by the DVR site
* Name meaning provided by Grace Anderson, aka Megchan.


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