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Nefertimon : The Nerfertiti Monster


Toei Picture General Information

Level Attribute Type
Armor / Champion Vaccine Holy Beast

First Appearance

In Anything Cards Anime
Season 2 St-131 S2 : Episode 3


Family (Families)


More Information Bandai Picture
US Attacks
Queen's Curse / Queen's Paw / Beam of Isis / Rosetta Stone **
Rosetta Stone / Rocking Stone
Egyptian Fire / Rosetta Stone *
Golden Noose (with Pegasusmon) *
Japanese Attacks
Curse of Queen
Rosetta Stone
Nile Jewelry
Sanctuary Bind (w/ Pegasusmon)
Evolution According to the Anime

Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

Gatomon (Armor w/ Light)

- NA -

Profile / Additional Information

She evolved from a Gatomon of an ancient species through the ‘Digi-Egg of Light’. She reveals the full power of the ‘Digi-Egg of Light’; she purifies darkness with an ancient power of light.

* S2 : Episode 3
** S2 : Episode 9

Super Xros Wars
テイルモンが 「光のデジメンタル」で アーマー進化した
デジメンタルに こめられた 光の ぞくせいが
さいだいげんに はっきされたため 闇を とりのぞく
きょうりょくな ちからを みにつけた

Battle Chronicle
A Holy Beast type Digimon that evolved from Tailmon with the Digimental of Light. It is able to bring out 100% of the power in the Digimental of Light, and has the ability to purify darkness with its great power.


"My Evolution" and Evolution in the Cards / Games


Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

Armor Evolution
Gatomon (w/ or w/o Light)


Patamon, Gabumon, Salamon, Muchomon, Agumon



Angewomon, Silphymon, Hippogryphomon, Meteormon, Mermaimon, Persiamon, Lilamon

Jogress Evolution
Etemon (w/ Tylomon)
Knightmon (w/ Opossumon)
Shakkoumon (w/ Peacockmon)
Shakkoumon (w/ Piddomon)
SkullScorpiomon (w/ Gargoylemon)

Slide Evolution
Nefertimon (X)


USA Name / Nefertimon

Japanese Name / Nefertimon

Origin / Egyptian. Neferti is short for Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen*

Origin / Egyptian. Neferti is short for Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen*

* Name meaning taken from Megchan's site

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