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Vademon : The Invader Monster


Toei Picture General Information

Level Attribute Type
Ultimate Virus Alien

First Appearance

In Anything Cards Anime
DM Ver. 2 Bo-144 S1 : Episode 24


Family (Families)


More Information Bandai Picture
US Attacks
Unidentified Flying Kiss
Alien Ray

Abduction Beam
Japanese Attacks
Demon's Kiss
Abduction Ray

Abduct Ray
Evolution According to the Anime

Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

- NA -

- NA -

Profile / Additional Information

A Space Alien type Digimon of mystery. Research has also reported that this Digimon could've been reborn from a planet. He has a big head full of intellect. He traverses around in his own handmade UFO.


"My Evolution" and Evolution in the Cards / Games


Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to



Sepikmon, Angemon, Bakemon, Birdramon, Coelamon, Guardromon, PlatinumSukamon, Raremon, Tyrannomon, Kokatorimon, Whamon, Drimogemon, Sukamon, Unimon, Garurumon, Greymon, Leomon, Meramon, Numemon, Ninjamon, Kabuterimon, Centarumon, Mojyamon, Monochromon, Nanimon, Ogremon, Deputymon, Seadramon, Shellmon, Frigimon, Geremon




Jogress Evolution
Babamon (Any Ultimate Digimon)
Babamon (w/ Lilamon)
Babamon (w/ Piximon)

Slide Evolution
Vademon (X)


USA Name / Vademon

Japanese Name / Vadermon

Origin / English. Vade comes from the word invader.

Origin / English. Vader comes from the word invader.


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