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AncientBeetlemon : The Ancient Beetle Monster


General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Mega 1 Vaccine 1 Ancient Insect 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Expansion Kit S St-697 S4 : Episode 38
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture
- NA -


US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks


Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

Tera Blaster 1
Calamity Thunder

Misc. Attacks




Weapons / Shields Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


One of the Legendary Ten Warriors who saved the ancient Digital World, this Digimon bears the attribute of 'Thunder'. One of the first Mega-leveled beings to exist in ancient times, its form is similar to that of various insects such as rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles. Its outer shell's hardness rivals that of Chrome-Digizoid, so that its sickle-shaped arms can lift objects hundreds of times its own mass easily, yet are light enough for it to cut through said objects. AncientBeetlemon's attribute was passed down to Insect type Digimon. Its special attacks are "Calamity Thunder", a super-electrical discharge attack so powerful that it can create super-disasters, and "Tera Blaster", an attack 1,000 times more powerful than the "Giga Blaster" attack. (Wildermon)




Digimon Story Lost Evolution


Not available yet


雷の ぞくせいをもつ こだいデジタルワールドを
すくった でんせつの 10とうしデジモン
はるか こだいに そんざいした はじめての 究極体で
あり カブトムシやクワガタなど おおくの コンチュウを
あわせたような すがたを もつ


Digimon V-Tamer Residence


An Ancient Insect Digimon with the attribute of Thunder, it is one of the legendary "Warrior Ten" that saved the Ancient Digital World from the treason of "Lucemon". It  can move quickly about on its 6 feet and fires out rumbling thunder from its large cannons. This super shelled fighter can fly in the air and attack from the sky at the same time. (Wildermon)



- NA -

- NA -


Evolves From

MegaKabuterimon 2


Beetlemon 4
Okuwamon 2

Evolves To

- None -

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- None -

Name Origin

US Name AncientBeetlemon 3


English. Ancient. Beetle.
Japanese Name AncientBeetmon
Etymology English. Ancient. Beet is short for beetle.


Citations Notes

1 St-697
2 St-889
3 DT-125 (Dub)
4 Battle Spirit 2



- Bandai picture was created by Bandai
- LCD picture 1 was created by File Island, 2 was created by Eimon and DaDuke and edited by Lhikan634


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